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img1My name is Keith Hochschild and I have been in the computer industry for more than 10 years. I will be glad to help you with your computer or network needs. Below you will see my experience within the industry.

.Net Experience

  • Lead designer for developing a program that will order parts for customers based on availability and location. This program would also give the user the ability to run reports from Microsoft Access databases and SQL server databases. The program would calculate which shipping method will work best based on the distance for the location of the parts requested. If the location is within 50 miles, the user would pick up the parts from the location. Otherwise, the parts would have to be shipped overnight.
  • Developed software to be used on a handheld device (i.e. PDA) so the customer can more efficiently document replacing old equipment with new equipment. The device will upload all scanned data into a database so reports can be displayed to the customer on a website.
  • Automated the taking of snapshots on an IP camera and publishing on a website. It also gets the temperature from the local weather station and displays that information with the snapshot.
  • Developed a Research Program which utilized a SQL Server database to give all of the proper reports and information to employees.
  • Completed a Repair Program which utilized SQL Server database and Visual Studio to keep track of all repairs coming into the building.
  • Completed a process to Transfer and Receive Parts which utilized the telnet protocol to transfer parts from a repair state to a state in which it can be shipped out to stores.
  • Developed a Shipping Program which utilized the telnet protocol and UPS Worldship (UPS Program) to ship out parts that have been repaired.
  • Developed a Time Clock Application to keep track of hours worked by hourly paid employees.
  • Developed a Time Tracking Website for managers’ use to manage time for employees.

Project Management

  • Created and maintain Munchkin Markets.
  • Developed reports utilizing Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.
  • Relocated and allocated computer systems hardware to appropriate office spaces.
  • Designed and maintain multiple VB.Net applications and ASP.Net web sites.
  • Created a web user interface with PHP and MySQL.
  • Forwarded E-mails without a "FWD" utilizing PHP and Cron Jobs